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God, that game was painful last night. I just sat in my seat for a good three minutes before even attempting to stand and make my way down the 8-ga-zillion stairs in the RBC Center. Got to sit behind THE rudest away fans to date. Two drunk boys and two adults that basically served the purpose to egg the two drunk boys on. They actually started cheering when Hodge went down. I mean, WTF?? The girl that sits next to us leaned over the two drunk boys and told them to shut the fuck up, if one of their players were down we wouldn't be cheering for them. She said, You don't cheer when a player is hurt, that kid is someone's son, brother, whatever. All four of them just kind of stopped and looked at her and didn't say much else other than a couple side comments to themselves, a couple snickers. I just hope next year when I get tickets I'm no where near any away team fans. Though I have to admit, Maryland and VTech fans weren't bad, the Duke fans were just kind of...pompous (they were WAY old though, could've been the age factor.)

Listened to some of the post-game stuff on the radio while riding home. Loved that Ilian said he hoped to meet Wake again, 'cause they had something to get Chris Paul. Not that he'd play dirty, he said, but they'd be on him. If we win Thursday, we just might see them again.

I guess on the plus side, that was Wake's lowest scoring game this season. Defensively we must have been doing something right to hold them tight. Still, we need to work on our freethrows. It amazes me how good we were last year, and now it's completely touch and go. Freethrows alone could have made the game for us. And I'm still confused as to why, with no time left on the shot clock, us up by three, the ball in our posession, we were driving to the basket and trying to make a play. I wish we could have just held onto the ball, kept it safe and kept our three point lead. Oh well....

Here's to hoping things go well on Thursday.
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