Protector of morsels of dark chocolate (stacy1075) wrote in ncsu_fanzone,
Protector of morsels of dark chocolate


Gosh, I can't say how nervous I am about tonight! We need to win this basketball game so badly...and last time we played them they won by a point. It was painful, I was there. I just about cried. I don't know if I'll be able to watch the game..gah. At least now that the cloud of illness and injury seems to have left the Pack they're playing like they should have before the colitis, the flu, etc.etc. Kind of sad to see what could have been. We really should have had a kick ass year in my opinion, but there's still room for a strong finish!

Anybody know when track season starts?

Looks like they're gearing up to start selling football tickets. I could only dream of getting a pair. I highly doubt my $11/month donation to the Wolfpack club will get me any special privileges. A gal can dream though, can't she? ;)
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